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Ludens Lounge began its life as a research project investigating the benefits of utilising play with the design and delivery of performance. It now continues its life as a touring workshop allowing groups and individuals to explore for themselves ways of utilising play within design and artistic practice. It is an open platform for all those interested in this playful approach and because of its simple fun design is totally accessible to individuals or groups of any age or background. 


During the workshop individuals are given the opportunity to explore through the use of a mixture of toys, materials and technology, different visual ideas. This allows them during the final stages of the workshop to then deliver and record performance and video work they have composed.


The original workshop was devised from a years research in play theory citing teachings from play theorists such as Johan Huizinga, Brian Sutton smith and Roger Caillois. It also explored through its developmental stages how we design space for play, looking at the elements necessary to create environments that both invite and nurture states of play.


My research into play is a continuing theme within my practice and through Ludens Lounge I was able to observe and document how others may adopt this approach. These observations then feed back into further development of the workshop in future revised versions.


Play is a powerful creative tool that can bring people together and spark dicussion. It allows people to explore ideas beyond those immediately available in what would be their logical or direct response to a given task. 


Ludens Lounge is educational, it is exciting and it is fun. Let’s Play.


If you would like further information or to book Ludens Lounge for your venue please contact me via email to discuss bookings and requirements.

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